The Basics:

WorxDay: This build is scheduled and we build your new website on a specific day, reaching out throughout that day, as necessary, to consult with you as we work.

WorxDay Live: Sit next to a veteran designer, with over 24 years of experience, for a day and watch your new website being constructed before your eyes. This process usually takes 8-10 hours over the course of a day and we will provide snacks, lunch and the skills to launch an amazing website in one day.

Training: WorxDay Live clients will experience in-person training while their site is being built, along with access to complimentary online video tutorials. Remote clients will have access to the same online video training.

If you do not currently have a domain name, you will need to secure one prior to your WorxDay. We recommend that you put some thought into finding the right, available name. 

We do offer domain name reservations if you would prefer that we order it for you. No matter where you choose to purchase, be sure that the domain name stays in your control. 

There are three main things that you need to budget for:

  1. The annual cost of your domain name (Usually between $25-35 per year.) 
  2. The initial cost of building the website.
  3. The cost of hosting your site (Our WorxVault Hosting starts at $40/month.)

There are additional options available such as Care Plans, Marketing options, and other items you may choose, but these are not "absolutely necessary" expenses. 

Website Related Questions:

Your "WorxDay" is the day that your site is scheduled to be built. We offer a "remote" option (which is the most common type of web design,) and WorxDay Live, our in-person design option. WorxDay Live has all the benefits of a remote website build, plus you sit next to your designer while your site is built. By the end of the day, your new site will be launched, and you will have an intimate knowledge of how it was built, and how to make changes yourself whenever you want.

Be sure to read more about our Covid-19 Protocols before choosing WorxDay Live. 

We are able to build your website in one day because you will be sending all of the content that will be added to your new site prior to your WorxDay. We sometimes write custom headings and/or highlights during your build, but it is always based on the content you submit. 

If you need custom content written, request a quote for a fully custom site. 

WorxDay websites include five (5) pages and up to three blog posts (written by you) to get you started. WorxDay Live websites vary between 5-7 pages and up to six blog posts, depending on the amount of time left at the end of the day. 

Note: The number of blog posts added will depend on the content you have submitted prior to your WorxDay. 

Yes. You will upload your image files to our server prior to your WorxDay, but we do have access to hundreds of thousands of additional stock images that we can license for you. We include 5 image licenses, and additional licenses are available for $6.99 each. Some images may be considered "premium" and prices vary. 

Yes we do! We can build practically anything you might need, but we will likely need to discuss your plans and create a custom quote for the scope of your project. 

5443 Media opened in 2007 and has been providing high quality website design for over 14 years. Your designer will likely have more than 20 years experience, so you are in very capable hands. 

Yes, and we hope you do! You will be able to log into the back of your website and make changes to virtually any aspect of it. We provide video training to ensure that even if you have an idea in the middle of the night, you can sit down and update your site. And if you run into something you can't seem to figure out, we are here to help.

For the first three months following your new website build, we will include one hour of time each month to help you work through any bugs you might discover, or to help you with anything you cannot figure out on your own. 

If you need more help down the line with maintaining your website, consider one of our WorxCare Plans to keep your site's plugins and security up to date, and we'll throw in some time to make small updates for you each month. See plans for details. 

Absolutely! Your hosting account includes at least five email accounts, which is plenty for most companies. If you need additional email accounts, larger packages are available. Simply let us know and we'll discuss your needs.

Absolutely! We will give you everything you need to check your email from your computer, smartphone or tablet. We support all operating systems and software.

The Techie Details:

Absolutely! You will submit your login information with your questionnaire and all we have to do is point it to the new site once it is completed. 

You can either order one yourself, or we can secure it on your behalf. Let us know what you need and we'll advise the best course. 

Yes! Our WorxVault Hosting is a great way to get your new site online in a speedy environment that was built specifically to handle the robust websites that we build. 

Of course! In most cases we just need direct links to your account, but for advanced functions we'll need your login information as well. 

All of our websites are built on the latest version of WordPress and utilize various plugins to maintain functionality and security. 

In most cases, yes. As our sites include some robust plugins to maintain their functionality and security, there are hosts that we would not recommend. 

Absolutely. No questions asked. 

Questions About the Money:

All new website builds require a 50% deposit to secure your space. The balance will be due upon completion, as well as any additional fees you might have accrued during your build. 

We utilize third party payments through PayPal to handle all of our payments. Their world-class security will ensure that your card information is safe.

Never. We will always be up front about any costs associated with your site build, or additional work to be performed. All pricing for our monthly hosting are listed on our site, as well as any additional services (i.e. Care Plans) that you might be interested in.

Simply reach out to us and we'll walk you through the process quickly. 

Your last invoice email should contain a link to your dashboard, and from there you will be able to update card info. If you cannot find it, call or email and we'll help. Note: Never, ever send your payment information in an email.