The Process

We make the website design process fun! Once your questionnaire and files have been submitted, we will get started planning your Worx Day so that all you have to do is arrive and get started. Our biggest goal is to build a site that you are proud to show off, but also brings in new business for you. 

Schedule Your Site Build

Scheduling your new website build is easy! Click the link below to pay your deposit and secure a spot that fits your schedule.

Remember that you will need to submit your questionnaire and required files prior to your "WorxDay," so leave yourself plenty of time to gather and submit everything we will need.

Submit Your Info

Before we can build your website, we will gather information about your needs. You will fill out an online questionnaire, then upload images and content files to a cloud folder that we will provide.

We'll need things like your logo, colors, and images of you, your products and/or your team. Specific content for each page should be uploaded as well, along with taglines, and the verbiage you use commonly for your business.

Planning Phase

After your files and copy are submitted, we'll go over everything to be sure we have what we need to get started, then we'll schedule an online meeting or phone consultation to discuss the look and feel of your new website, and what you are trying to accomplish.

This will give us a better idea how to prepare for your build, so we have the basics out of the way before your WorxDay arrives.



Your WorxDay is the day we will build your site. Once all of your information has been received, we will prepare for your WorxDay and confirm the day we have scheduled for you. If your WorxDay is "remote," we ask that you make yourself available throughout the day to answer any questions we may have and view updates to your site as they are made.

If you selected WorxDay Live, we will meet in person for the entire day, and you will sit beside your designer, working together to build exactly what you want. Your in-person build will also give you great insight into making changes to your own site in the future because you will have an intimate knowledge of how it was built.

T-Minus 3, 2, 1...


At the end of your WorxDay, we will launch your website and you can begin showing it off to friends, family and customers!

We will have a bit of cleanup to do before we hand you the keys, but this usually only takes about 24 hours, and you will have complete control of your site to make changes, add new images, pages and blog posts.

WorxDay Options

Choose A Remote Or Build!


Remote Build

Your WorxDay is scheduled in advance so that you know the exact day we are building your site. You will have access to your designer and the design in-progress throughout the day. This will allow you to comment on changes, request edits and submit new files for inclusion. 

Online training videos are available to teach you to add pages, photos, and content whenever you like.


In-Person Build

WorxDay Live is the best option for those who intend to be hands-on after the site build. You will spend a day sitting next to a web designer with over 20 years experience while your site is being built before your eyes.

We will walk you through the entire process as we build, which will give you a huge head start if you intend to edit your site regularly. We also offer online training to reinforce what you have learned, and help with common edits.

Note: See our FAQs for Covid-19 Protocols